Danielle Mason graduated from Toi Whakaari in 2002. Two years later she won Chapman Tripp theatre awards for Best Female Newcomer and Outstanding Performance, and starred on the big screen in reality TV satire Futile Attraction. In 2006 Mason starred in Black Sheep, this time playing Experience, a woman fighting for her life against mutant sheep. Mason went on to act in TV show Nothing Trivial and web series High Road.

Experience (Danielle Mason), spews woo-woo New Age mantras to help sheepish Henry (Nathan Meister) find his inner ram. From the Houston Chronicle review of Black Sheep, 7 August 2007

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High Road

2013, as: Shona McLaren - Web


High Road - And the Lord Taketh Away (Series One, Episode Six)

2013, As: Shona McLaren - Web


High Road - A Thousand's Never Enough (Series One, Episode Five)

2013, As: Shona McLaren - Web


High Road - Never Enough (Series One, Episode Four)

2013, As: Shona McLaren - Web


High Road - They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (Series One, Episode One)

2013, As: Shona McLaren - Web


Nothing Trivial

2013, As: Robyn - Television

Nothing Trivial was a dramedy that kept score on the lives and loves of five friends in a pub quiz team called Sex on a Stick. The cast of City Lifers shifted to the suburbs and nearing middle age was led by Shane Cortese, Tandi Wright, Nicole Whippy, Debbie Newby-Ward and Blair Strang. Created by Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan, (the veteran writers behind Go Girls, Maddigan’s Quest, and Mercy Peak) the popular South Pacific Pictures production screened for three seasons on TV ONE. A fan-driven campaign saw NZ On Air fund a tele-movie to wrap up the series.


Black Sheep

2007, As: Experience - Film

A mutant lamb escapes from the lab after dodgy genetic experiments, and herds of sheep are turned into bloodthirsty predators. Three hapless humans are stranded on the farm as the woolly nightmare develops. They discover a bite from an infected sheep has an alarming effect on those bitten. With his first feature, director Jonathan King (Under the Mountain) provides splatter thrills and attacks a few sacred cows. Black Sheep was invited to 20+ international festivals, where it scored acclaim and multiple awards. The interviews include King, Weta's Richard Taylor, and the cast.


Futile Attraction

2004, As: Germaine Douglas - Film


Kerosene Creek

2004, As: Tatum - Short Film

One summer’s day, teenaged Jayde (Atarangi Manley) and Wiremu (Darcey-Ray Flavell-Hudson) tag along with their older siblings on a trip to a local swimming hole. Young passions ignite by the Rotorua hot pool. Later tragedy occurs and Jayde faces lost innocence and the ritual of tangi, while bearing a secret. Michael Bennett’s short — cutting between Jayde’s experience of the day and its aftermath — was shot in his Te Arawa home turf. It won selection for the 2005 Berlin Film Festival. 'Mu' was an early role for Flavell-Hudson (Mt Zion, Ghost Chips ad fame).

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Spring Flames

2003, As: Lotte - Short Film

The Ballantyne's Department Store fire in November 1947 claimed 41 lives and left a lasting scar on Christchurch — the city’s biggest single disaster until the 2011 earthquake. The events of that spring day are explored in this short film which intersperses archive footage with a fictional account of workers and customers in the tailoring department as the dramas of everyday life are suddenly overwhelmed. It was directed by Aileen O’Sullivan, shot by Alun Bollinger and made with the NZ Drama School graduating class of 2002 (with music by Gareth Farr).


Revelations - the Initial Journey

2002, As: Sarah Kent - Television



2002, As: Rita - Short Film


The Strip

2003, As: Maree - Television

The Strip centres around 30-something Melissa (Luanne Gordon), who sheds a legal career to set up a male strip revue. Created by Alan Brash, The Strip played to a certain demographic's desire for ogling naked men (warmed up by 1987 play Ladies Night and 1997 film The Full Monty), but with a focus on female characters, as Melissa juggles business with raising a teenage daughter. Taking cues from Ally McBeal (with fantasy sequences to match) the Gibson Group tale of g-strings, feminism and red light romance screened for two series on TV3 and sold internationally.