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The Killian Curse - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2006

Each episode of this kids horror series features three ‘curse busting’ stories. In this first episode, student Jack Williams traces the curse back to creepy Charles Killian’s fondness for satanic rituals. Killian dies a fiery death and damns Room 21’s future students. Despite grave warnings, the new principal unlocks the classroom — and the curse awakens. In the second story it’s studious Celia’s turn to contain and destroy a ‘body jumping’ spirit before it claims her soul; the last tale pits Johnny against a fat-hungry warlock who comes a ‘splatter-tastic’ cropper. A second season followed in 2008.

Oh, those guys aged me — it was like having 21 teenagers of my own.
– Creator Thomas Robins on directing The Killian Curse, in a 2008 Stuff interview


Made with funding from NZ On Air


Song 'Room 21' written and performed by Flowz. Beat by Ian Seumanu