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Annie Goldson


Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web

2017, Director, Writer, Co-Producer - Film

He Toki Huna: New Zealand in Afghanistan

2013, Producer, Co-Director, Writer, Editor - Film

Brother Number One

2011, Director, Writer, Co-Editor, Producer - Film

There Once was an Island: Te Henua e Nnoho

2010, Executive Producer - Film

An Island Calling

2008, Director, Producer, Writer - Television

Bogey, Bacall and Brian

2008, Director

45 Minutes on the Somme

2006, Director - Short Film

Elgar's Enigma

2006, Director, Producer, Editor, Sound, Writer - Television

Pacific Solution

2005, Producer, Additional Camera Operator - Television

Sheilas: 28 Years On

2004, Co-Director, Narrator, Interviewer, Executive Producer, Research - Film

Georgie Girl

2001, Director, Producer - Film

Punitive Damage

1999, Director, Producer - Film

Seeing Red

1995, Director, Writer, Associate Producer - Television


1994, Director, Producer - Short Film

Counterterror: Framing the Panthers

1991, Director, Producer - Short Film

Counterterror: The North of Ireland

1990, Director, Producer - Short Film

Tender Detachment

1984, Director, Producer