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Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web

Film (Trailer) – 2017

Annie Goldson’s documentary examines the story of Kim Dotcom, the German-born hacker turned internet mogul who is holed up in a New Zealand mansion fighting extradition to the United States. In the US he’s wanted for alleged infringement of copyright laws committed by Megaupload, the online storage hub he founded. Goldson mines archive material (including the NZ police raid of his mansion) and interviews, to explore intellectual property, privacy, profit and piracy in the digital age. The film won rave reviews after its world premiere at multimedia festival South by Southwest.

Whether you think he's a hero or a heel, you're bound to leave the film with your preconceptions shattered.
– Rolling Stone preview of the film, David Fear, March 2017

Key Cast & Crew

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Simon Coldrick


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Annie Goldson

Director, Writer, Co-Producer

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Alexander Behse


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Paul Klement-Smith

Post-Production Supervisor

Generic Profile image for Steve Finnigan

Steve Finnigan

Sound Editor

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Susan Parker

Line Producer

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Produced by

Monsoon Pictures International