One of the founding directors of Raconteur, a Christchurch-based film and television production company, Bill de Friez is an experienced documentary maker. Alongside Raconteur, De Friez teaches film at Canterbury University, School of Fine Arts.

Bill is a natural raconteur and a vast repository of information, facts, history, anecdotes and legends. The Raconteur website

A Shocking Reminder - Part One

2012, Camera - Television

The first instalment of this two part documentary chronicles the effects of Christchurch’s September 2010 earthquake on a variety of everyday people. They have seen damage to their city they would never have imagined, houses have been destroyed, liquefaction has entered their vocabulary and the ground beneath their feet can no longer be trusted. Miraculously, there has been no loss of life. As seismologists seek to understand what happened, the interviewees tentatively rebuild disrupted lives, but the fatal quakes of 22 February cruelly derail that recovery.

A Shocking Reminder - Part Two

2012, Camera - Television

The second half of this documentary following the effects of the Christchurch earthquakes revisits its subjects in the days after the catastrophic events of 22 February. Devastation is now widespread, the death toll is growing and aftershocks number in the hundreds. Over the next eight months, seriously injured bodies mend but, while there are moments of hope, lives are on hold and nerves are being stretched to breaking point by the constantly moving ground, recurring liquefaction and uncertainty about whether precious homes can, or should, be rebuilt.

Nuclear Warrior

2007, Director - Short Film

Wan Smol Bag

2007, Director - Short Film

Growing Up Muslim

2006, Associate Producer - Short Film

Making Italy Home

2006, Associate Producer - Television

Rock Canvas

2006, Director - Short Film

Sister Tui

2006, Director - Short Film

Between the Lines: Denis Glover 1912-1980

2005, Director - Television

Denis Glover's poems are some of the most enduring in our literary tradition. "And Quardle oodle ardle wardle doodle" from The Magpies is probably New Zealand poetry's best known line. Glover (1912-1980) also established the first independent literary press (The Caxton Press). This documentary, directed by Bill de Friez, takes a candid look at the poet and reveals a larger than life figure ("a great drinker, a great womaniser, a great poet") connected to all the literary personalities of his day. 

St Johns 24/7

2003, Director - Television

Real Dads Revealed

2002, Director - Television

Teen Dads

2001, Director - Film

The Naked Penis

2001, Director - Film

Making Ends Meet

1999, Director - Television

Scorched Memories

1997, Director - Film

Critically Speaking

1989, Director - Television