Entrepreneur Brooke Howard-Smith first won fame for his skating skills. In the 1990s he was part of the team behind both a series of hit American skating films, and skating accessories company Senate. After returning home in the late 90s, he began an extended run as co-host of consumer affairs show Target, and owned an Auckland nightclub. Howard-Smith has also presented Cadbury Dream Factory and a range of sports coverage, including extreme sports show XSTV. Now heading management company We Are Tenzing, he has organised many charity events — from Cure Kids to 2011 telethon Rise Up Christchurch.  

...doing this show is literally my dream. I’ve always wanted to do something like an extreme home makeover show, giving good things back to good people, and with this show, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Without exception, every time we finished filming a story, I was like, ‘This is the coolest day of my life’. Brooke Howard-Smith on hosting Cadbury Dream Factory, The Australian Women's Weekly, 24 February 2014

Three Turns 30 - Promo

2019, Subject - Television

Big hair, big shoulder pads and big earrings feature in this video celebrating Three’s 30th birthday. On 26 November 1989, TV3 — the first privately owned TV channel in New Zealand — transmitted from its Auckland studios for the first time. The promo opens with fresh-faced news reporters/presenters hamming it up for the camera, including Joanna Paul, Eric Young and Genevieve Westcott. The rest of the clip celebrates Three's successes (Outrageous Fortune, bro’Town, 7 Days) and takes a light-hearted look at its failings, revisiting times it went into receivership.

Cure Kids - Team Ball Player Thing

2015, Executive Producer, Performer - Web

Cadbury Dream Factory

2014, Presenter - Television

Cure Kids - All Blacks in Japanese

2013, Executive Producer - Television

Feel Inside (and stuff like that)

2012, Executive Producer - Music video

In 2012 Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement sat down with some Kiwi children. They wanted to get back in touch with what the kids were about. Flight of the Conchords were creating a special song for health research charity Cure Kids; the children supplied them with lyrical ideas involving bowls, bubbles and a major overhaul of the banking system. A superstar team of Kiwi singers and rappers joined the Conchords in the studio. The chart-topping song's mix of deep concern and nonsensical rhyming celebrates and parodies previous charity efforts like ‘We are the World’. 

Rise Up Christchurch Telethon

2011, Executive Producer - Television


2012, As: Brooke Howard-Smith - Television

Pulp Sport - Series Seven, Episode Eight

2009, Subject - Television

In the final episode of the season, larrikin presenters Bill and Ben pretend to offend rugby league stars Monty Betham and Awen Guttenbeil (with a nod to American Beauty). The show's closing references the controversial finale of The Sopranos (complete with mocking soundtrack), and there are cameos from Karl Urban and Temuera Morrison. Ben revels in extended torture of Bill, while Auckland Blues coach Pat Lam concentrates on golfing. Elsewhere a shop dummy does some begging, and a unique interpretation of cross-training enrages a passing screen producer.

The Jaquie Brown Diaries

2009, As: Brooke Howard-Smith - Television

TV personality Jaquie Brown plays (and plays up) herself for delightful comic effect in this hit TV3 satire. Former Campbell Live reporter Brown plays an egomaniacal journalist looking to climb the media ladder any which way she can. Auckland's aspirational set: a cast of Metro social page alumni and wannabes, are skewered with self-referential glee. The second series was retitled for DVD release as The Jaquie Brown Odyssey; both series won acclaim and Best Comedy gongs at the Qantas Film and TV Awards. The Listener gushed: "A local sitcom that doesn't suck."  

Joker Poker

2007 - 2008, Presenter - Television

Black Widow

2006, As: Fan of dancer - Music video

This Chong-Nee music video pays tribute to a young pole dancer who is a "master of her game". Skater turned TV presenter (Target) and nightclub operator (The Pony Club) Brooke Howard-Smith plays a fan paying for a visit, while Dei Hamo grabs a comfortable seat nearby to provide guest vocals. Musician and producer John Chong-Nee had collaborated with Dei Hamo before this track — the pair worked together on 'We Gon Ride', which topped the Kiwi singles charts for five weeks in late 2004.


2004 - 2006, Presenter - Television

More FM Beach Volleyball

2004, Presenter - Television

Vodafone X-Air

2004, Presenter - Television

Rip Curl World Heli Challenge

2000, Presenter - Television

Pulsate Wanaka Big Air

2000, Presenter - Television


2003 - 2012, Presenter - Television

Hoax II - Anarchy Across America

1995, Subject - Film

Mad Beef

1994, Subject - Short Film

The Hoax - An In-Line Crime

1994, Subject, Camera - Short Film

City of Volcanoes

1992, As: Rollerblader - Television