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Pulp Comedy Presents Cal Wilson and Friends

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2001

This special episode of the TV stand-up comedy series showcases a newly blonde Cal Wilson and features guests Flight of the Conchords, who spoof small town tourism operators, take office supplies as metaphors for love to absurd lengths, and serve up some overly polite, self censored gangster rap. Wilson's other friends are her own creations. Katie the Chief Bridesmaid's contribution to nuptial disharmony invokes Rowan Atkinson's 'Father of the Bride Speech' by way of Lyn of Tawa, while her "sister" Adele is a painfully earnest feminist poet in a neckbrace.

Now it doesn’t have to rhyme to be a poem. Just like it doesn’t have to be good to be a poem.
– Cal Wilson’s “sister” Adele

Key Cast & Crew

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Cal Wilson


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Mandy Toogood

Director, Producer

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Simon Sinclair


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John Robertson


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Brenton Cumberpatch


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Jemaine Clement


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Phoenix Television