Kiwi-born Charlotte Dawson began her TV career after a decade modelling in Europe and the US. In Australia she worked as a fashion correspondent across networks. During five years back in NZ, Dawson presented for chat show How's Life, travel series Getaway, and appeared in adoption doco Charlotte's Webb. She returned to Sydney as a judge on Australia's Next Top Model. Dawson died on 22 February 2014, aged 47.

Charlotte was obviously very talented and determined, but more than that, she was incredibly open and honest, which is a real rarity in this industry. She was never afraid to talk truthfully about her problems and I really admired her for that. Australian broadcaster Jackie O, after Dawson's passing

The Celebrity Apprentice Australia

2012, Contestant - Television

The Contender Australia

2009, Presenter

Australia's Next Top Model

2008 - 2013, Judge - Television

Charlotte’s Lists

2007, Presenter

Runway to LA

2007, Presenter

Sunrise (Australia)

2010, Presenter - Television

Charlotte's Web

2003, Subject - Television

Skin and Bone

2003, As: DJ - Television

Twenty three years after Foreskin's Lament became a Kiwi cause célèbre, writer Greg McGee brought his classic play to television. Skin and Bone "asset strips" and updates the story to reflect rugby (and society's) evolution. Here Seymour (Outrageous Fortune's Antony Starr) — falteringly pursuing a professional career — returns home to play a last game for his rural club side. The brutality he witnesses leaves him questioning the morals of the code. The role of the old guard coach is reprised by Roy Billing, in McGee's opinion "the first and definitive Tupper".

How's Life? (Episode)

2002, Presenter - Television

Hosted by Charlotte Dawson, How’s Life? saw a rotating panel of guests responding to letters from viewers in an effort to help them navigate their day to day struggles. In this episode, the panel is made up of Paul Henry, Suzanne Paul, a pre-Outrageous Fortune Robyn Malcolm and ex Department of Work and Income boss Christine Rankin. The issues under discussion include a difficult five-year-old, strangers sneezing on your food, and a teenager who doesn't approve of their ex's new boyfriend. There is also meningococcal awareness advice from Auckland District Health Board.

How's Life?

2001 - 2003, Presenter - Television

Hosted by Charlotte Dawson, How's Life? was an advice show whose panel of presenters included Jude Dobson, Suzanne Paul, Paul Henry, Marcus Lush and Christine Rankin (ex head of the Department of Work and Income). Responding to viewer enquiries, the panel offered help on relationships, family and more, from the serious (abuse, disease) to the light-hearted (the best way to sneeze in a restaurant). Almost 20 panelists featured over the Greenstone show's three seasons and 100+ episodes. The production crew received as many as 60 letters and emails a day.    

United Travel Getaway

2004 - 2007, Presenter - Television

Treasure Island/Celebrity Treasure Island

2004, Contestant - Television

Treasure Island was an early local example of a reality show staple — contestants endured the great outdoors, and each other. Over nine seasons the series went through multiple variations, including a Couples at War season, and another featuring favourites from the past. During the 2004 season of Celebrity Treasure Island, contestant Lana Coc-Kroft was airlifted from Fiji, after she cut her foot on coral and got a life-threatening blood-poisoning disease. On 2002's Treasure Island: Extreme, Barrie Rice — an ex SAS soldier — dealt with being eliminated by hiding in the jungle.