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Chris Stapp

Actor, Writer, Director

At Otago University Chris Stapp began doing comical stunts for the local student film contest. In 1998 Stapp and partner in crime Matt Heath introduced their mixture of fight scenes and crashes to Auckland channel Triangle Television. Back of the Y Masterpiece Television hit TVNZ in 2001. The show's late night mayhem featured Stapp and Heath's band Deja Voodoo, and sold to MTV UK. Stapp’s stuntman persona Randy Campbell later featured in 2007 movie The Devil Dared Me To, which he also directed. Stapp's credits include directing C4 series Bogan Family Films, and being a mentor on children's hit Let's Get Inventin'.

...it was incredible because Chris was just so naturally good at stunts. Whereas I'd do a small stunt and bend my finger back and have a dislocated finger. He was just put together really well — and good coordination. A lot of that came out of skating, and learning to land. Matt Heath on his Back of the Y partner Chirs Stapp, in his interview for 2019 TV series Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy