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Christine Parker

Director, Writer

In the 1990s ex magazine editor and continuity person Christine Parker wrote and directed three distinctive short films featuring strong female characters — One Man's Meat, in which a fed up wife deals to her husband; Hinekaro Goes on a Picnic and Blows Up Another Obelisk, in which Rima Te Wiata has supernatural powers; and bisexual romance Peach. In 1999 Parker made movie Channelling Baby. The twist-filled drama starred Danielle Cormack and Kevin Smith. In 2009 Parker returned to her birth country of England. These days she teaches film at the University of Derby, and continues to write and supervise further short films. 

I think it is very important to offer people a good story with lots of twists and turns; to offer surprises so that they’re not second-guessing the plot, and the unexpected always happens. Christine Parker on her 1999 feature Channelling Baby