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Colin Hodson

Director, Editor, Actor

Colin Hodson began making films as part of the Aro Valley Movement; naturalistic, low budget features which linked to the Wellington suburb of Aro Valley. After co-starring as one half of a disintegrating couple in the first Aro Valley film, Uncomfortable Comfortable (1999), he directed and starred in Aro Valley entries Shifter and .OFF. (which he later reedited into .ON.). The multi-talented Hodson has ranged from the mainstream (editing TV's Sensing Murder) to the experimental (varied art gallery installations). In 2005 he attended Europe's Binger Filmlab. In 2013 his dark rugby tale Maul played at the Melbourne and NZ Film Festivals.

... includes some deft directorial flourishes, and performances of such uninflected realism that it is hard to believe that the film is fiction, and that we are not watching a documentary. Graeme Tuckett, reviewing Colin Hodson’s feature .OFF., Capital Times, 10 July 2002