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Colin Hogg

Writer, Producer

After many years as a journalist in newspapers (Southland Times, NZ Herald, Auckland Star), Colin Hogg moved into television, where he has mainly worked as a writer and producer on documentary and arts programmes. He was also a regular panelist for two seasons on TV ONE’s nightly advice show, How’s Life?.

During a long association with Greenstone Pictures, Hogg won the 1999 Television Award for scriptwriting for his work on Crump, a feature-length documentary about writer Barry Crump. He conceived and wrote two series of the TV ONE arts programme Mercury Lane, wrote and produced documentaries A Flock of Students, History Man (on writer Michael King) and Piano Man (on pianist Michael Houston), and wrote scripts for nine seasons of the popular TVNZ series The Zoo.

Hogg now has his own television production company, 3rd Party Productions, which specialises in making documentaries and arts shows, including TV ONE series The Book Show and Talk Talk, and The Good Word for TVNZ 6.

At the helm of 3rd Party, Hogg made a feature-length documentary, The Life of Ian, about the actor/director Ian Mune and a half-hour documentary, Made in Dunedin, about the fashion scene in the far south.

Away from television, Hogg is a long-term magazine columnist and has written seven books on topics as various as adultery, cinema and himself.