Dylan Pharazyn has developed a reputation for directing music videos (Dimmer, The Checks), commercials (for company The Sweet Shop) and short films laced with stylish digital effects. His first short Vostok Station — an ambitious, man-alone in a polar post-apocalypse tale — was invited to Sundance. The Elam School of Fine Arts graduate is also a graphic designer, art director and computer animator.

I guess the plan was to try and break the mold a bit with the traditional short film format. Dylan Pharazyn on Vostok Station

The Keeper

2013, Director - Short Film

43,000 Feet

2012, Actor - Short Film

Cold Water

2009, Director - Music video

Vostok Station

2009, Director, Writer - Short Film

Matthew Sunderland (Out of the Blue) plays the sole survivor of an unexplained cataclysmic event. Roaming bloody and dazed amongst a polar landscape — pocked with beached container ships — he experiences a moment of sky-splitting Ballardian beauty. A rare sci-fi Kiwi short film, Vostok Station was directed by Dylan Pharazyn, and filmed on Mt Ruapehu, with convincingly-rendered effects added in post-production. The film was selected for Sundance (where it was nominated for a ‘New Frontier’ award), Valladolid (Spain) and onedotzero (London) film festivals.

I Can't Stop Being Foolish

2009, As: Exterminator - Music video

Do robots dream of mechanical owls? A young woman in distress wakes up to find she has a 'robot problem' in her apartment. As the wee ‘bots (resembling animated cuisenaire rods) cause mayhem, she calls for help on her rat-phone. Roused from the Winter Gardens, an exterminator and his giant caged owl come to the rescue. The promo was one of several shot for The Mint Chicks by Crystal Bear-winning short film director Sam Peacocke (Manurewa). To create the miniature robots, life-size puppets were shot in front of a green screen, then composited into the action.

Do You?

2007, Director - Music video

Not Talking

2007, Director - Music video

What You Heard

2005, Director - Music video

This frenetic music video uses the classic "band plays in front of cyclorama" model to effect, utilising the The Checks' affinity for insouciant live performance. Deft camera work and editing complete the equation, making for a clip that oozes with rock chic and retro cool.


2004, Director - Music video