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Vostok Station

Short Film (Full Length) – 2009

Parental Guidance

In this visually arresting short film, Matthew Sunderland (Out of the Blue) plays the sole survivor of an unexplained cataclysmic event. Roaming bloody and dazed amongst a polar landscape — pocked with beached container ships — he experiences a moment of sky-splitting beauty. Vostok Station was written and directed by music video director Dylan Pharazyn, and filmed on Mount Ruapehu, with extensive visual effects added in post-production. It was selected for the Sundance Film Festival (where it was nominated for a New Frontier award), plus Valladolid (Spain) and onedotzero (London).

I guess the plan was to try and break the mold a bit with the traditional short film format. I liked the idea of making an art film that utilised a heavy post component. A combination not that common in short films.
– Dylan Pharazyn, in a Campaign Brief interview, 21 January 2010

Key Cast & Crew

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Ian McCarroll


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Stuart Bedford

Visual Effects

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Richard Collins


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Maxwell Scott

Composer, Sound Design

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Matthew Sunderland

As: Frydryk Wosniak

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Dylan Pharazyn

Director, Writer

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