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Gerard Johnstone

Director, Writer

2017 New Zealand Television Awards
Best Children's Programme (with Luke Sharpe): Terry Teo

2014 Rialto Channel NZ Film Awards (The Moas)
Nominated for Best Film: Housebound
Nominated for Best Director: for Housebound

2014 SWANZ Scriptwriter Awards (NZ Writers Guild)
New Writer Award
Nominated for Best Feature Film Script: Housebound

2014 Toronto After Dark Festival (Canada)
Best Horror Film: Housebound
Best Comedy: Housebound

2014 Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival (Switzerland)
HR Giger 'Narcisse' Award for Best Feature Film: Housebound

2014 Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival (Scotland)
Audience Award 

2010 Qantas Film and Television Awards (New Zealand)
Best Director - Drama/Comedy Programme: for The Jaquie Brown Diaries
Best Comedy Programme or Comedy Series (shared with Jaquie Brown and Matt McPhail): The Jaquie Brown Diaries

2010 New Zealand Scriptwriters Awards

Best Script - Television Comedy: The Jaquie Brown Diaries, Episode 4

2009 Qantas Film and Television Awards
Best Comedy Programme (shared with Jaquie Brown): The Jaquie Brown Diaries

2005 48 Hour Film Contest
Grand Winner: A Fairly Good Tale

2003 48 Hour Film Contest
Grand Winner: Special Crime Unit

2003 48 Hour Film Project (United States)
Third Prize: Special Crime Unit