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Gerard Johnstone

Director, Writer

After twice winning the 48 Hour Film Contest, Gerard Johnstone used some of the prize money to make a pilot for a comedy. Though the project went nowhere, TV3 went on to screen two seasons of his award-winning comedy The Jaquie Brown Diaries. In 2014 Johnstone’s first movie —horror comedy Housebound — garnered rave reviews and interest from America, which ultimately saw him working on the script of superhero movie Justice League Dark. In 2016 Johnstone rebooted 80s series Terry and the Gunrunners. The show's online debut won headlines, after it was judged too mature to screen in a children's slot.  

It's a Gothic comedy horror, which I guess is a strategic way of saying there's no zombies in it. I think it's the type of horror movie you could take your mother to. Gerard Johnstone describes his movie Housebound, on the SXSW website