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Show business runs in Grace Palmer's blood. Her parents, Tony Palmer and Janine Morrell-Gunn, are veteran TV producers and sister Eve Palmer presented on several youth shows. Grace began her screen career reporting and presenting on What Now? as a teen. Then she spent close to three years playing nurse Lucy Rickman on Shortland Street, surviving hostage attempts and a violent partner before going into labour during a volcanic eruption. In 2017 Palmer signed on for Māori TV comedy Tongue Tied — before making her American debut in lost at sea tale Adrift and acting in Kiwi thriller My Name is Heather.

I was 22 and I had no mortgage and no kids, it's kind of an opportunity in your life to be completely and utterly selfish and just follow your dreams. Grace Palmer on leaving Shortland Street to pursue other acting roles, The NZ Herald, 10 June 2018