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Grace Palmer on Leanne taking speed Web (Extras) – 2017 Documentary Comedy Soap Opera

Grace Palmer on Leanne taking speed

Web (Extras) – 2017 Documentary Comedy Soap Opera

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Shortland Street receptionist Leanne Miller (Jennifer Ludlam) provided many magic moments during her time on the show. Prone to mispronunciations, homophobic comments (although she later had a change of heart) and meddling in her daughter Nicole's relationships, Leanne also endured muggings, a drowned partner and surgery without anaesthetic. When Shortland actor Grace Palmer is asked for her favourite moment from the show, she chooses the time Leanne took health supplements laced with speed. The clip ends with a brief glimpse of Leanne after the event. 

The 100% pure romance of Leanne and Howard’s love affair pierced my cold dead heart like a pungent sprig of rosemary through a freshly butchered piece of lamb loin, as Ferndale’s answer to Charles and Camilla tripped down the IV stairs and into each other’s hearts for all eternity.
– Tara Ward on the marriage of Leanne (Jennifer Ludlam) and Howard (Michael Saccente), The Spinoff, September 2016