English-born Graham Kerr was New Zealand’s first celebrity chef. Initially RNZAF Chief Catering Adviser, he soon found himself on television in a flamboyant persona that would come to be known as the Galloping Gourmet. He has gone on to make more than 1,800 programmes around the world – but, in later years, conversion to Christianity and family ill health have considerably toned down his performance and recipes.

I dislike those eternal lovers – the Romeo and Juliet of New Zealand – the pav and the sav. It’s my intention to make a pavlova cake with a saveloy base which would cure people of both for good. Graham Kerr - in a September 1961 Listener interview

Hudson and Halls - A Love Story

2001, Subject - Television

They came, they battered, they bickered. Peter Hudson and David Halls were as famous for their on-screen spats as their recipes. The couple ("are we gay? Well we're certainly merry") turned cooking into comedy, and won Entertainer of the Year at the 1981 Feltex Awards. This 73-minute documentary explores their enduring relationship and tragic passing — from memorable early days entertaining dinner guests at home and running a shoe store, through to television fame in NZ and the UK. The interviews include close friends and many of those who worked with them in television.

Graham Kerr's Kitchen

1992, Presenter

Simply Marvellous

1992, Presenter

The Graham Kerr Show

1990 - 1991, Presenter - Television

Take Kerr

1974 - 1975, Presenter - Television

The Galloping Gourmet

1969 - 1971, Presenter - Television

The Graham Kerr Show - Cooking with Kerr

1966, Presenter - Television

In this episode, New Zealand's first celebrity chef abandons his usual format to answer queries from his studio audience about food and cooking. Topics covered by the soon to be world famous Graham Kerr include how to stop scrambled eggs drying out (add cream), battering oysters (never) and when to make Christmas cake (at least six months in advance). The show is a fascinating preserve of mid-60s cuisine – from crumbed cutlets and bolognese to the Galloping Gourmet's curious ‘Long White Cloud’ dessert. Kerr, of course, is as witty, charming and urbane as ever.

Entertaining with Kerr

1962 - 1968, Presenter - Television

Eggs with Kerr

1961, Presenter - Television

On Our Doorstep

1960, Guest - Television