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Hadyn Jones

Presenter, Reporter

Raised in Gore, Hadyn Jones gained early journalism experience on local newspaper The Ensign. He made his television debut reporting for Holmes in 2003, then Close Up. After shifting to 20/20 in 2005, Jones won a Qantas Award in 2006 for an investigation on drug dealers. Since 2009 he has became well known as presenter of the 'Good Sorts' slot at the end of Sunday's 1 News at Six, which celebrates community heroes. He profiled more everyday Kiwis in 2012 series Caravan of Life, after a stint co-hosting breakfast show Good Morning. In 2016 Jones became co-presenter of long-running consumer affairs show Fair Go.

Some people think these stories are easy, but there's a trick to them because I like to find a surprise in each one. You just need to take the time, and trust there'll be a good story there. Hadyn Jones on making ‘Good Sorts’, The Herald on Sunday, 6 April 2010