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Harold Brodie

Editor, Director

Although Harold Brodie makes a living as an editor, he has also written and directed three features. Born in Ohio, he arrived downunder in 1992, and stayed for 20 years. It was in Aotearoa that he began making movies. Brodie earned four local award nominations for his work: dark romance Orphans and Angels (2002), coming of age tale The Map Reader (2009), and horror movie Final Entries - The Video Diary of Madi O (2012). Now based in Los Angeles, Brodie has edited everything from Kiwi childrens hits (Let's Get Inventin'), to Emmy-nominated psychology programmes (Brain Games), and a run of American reality shows. 

....writer/director/editor Brodie — via a deftly fractured narrative, editing choices that favour character and insight over action, and a script that leaves plenty of white space on the page for the actors to work with — allows The Map Reader to emerge as a rare and special film. Graeme Tuckett in a review of Harold Brodie's second movie The Map Reader, The Dominion Post, 21 August 2009