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Jan Oliver Lucks

Director, Editor

German-born Jan Oliver Lucks moved to Dunedin in 2005, to study film. Together with Max Bellamy, he directed haunted baritone tale The Characteristics of C-Minor, which screened on BBC Knowledge and at a number of global festivals. In 2015 Lucks began tailing ex-pro wrestler Wilbur McDougall for both a popular Loading Docs short, and for the feature-length Wilbur: The King in the Ring. In 2021 he ended up exploring the world of non-monogamy on-screen, as director of HBO Max feature There is No "I" in Threesome. His editing work includes Inside New Zealand entry Wildman, and second-generation Kiwi series Both Worlds.

The filmmakers, J Ollie Lucks and Max Bellamy, have captured the story with finesse, all the moody scenes and soaring performance pieces adding up to a concise masterpiece in miniature. Reviewer Paul Casserly on The Characteristics of C-Minor, The NZ Herald, 7 February 2014