Jeremy Dillon began as an actor, did time as a children's show host and found his true calling as the creator of the friendly monsters seen on shows like The Moe Show and Pop-Up. In 2010 he set up production company Pop-Up Workshop, with friend Zane Holmes.

I love creating, writing and performing characters who are very different to me. I've tried acting, but I feel uncomfortable watching myself on screen. With puppetry and animation I still get to perform, but I also get to hide a little. Sometimes close friends have no idea that I perform my characters. Jeremy Dillon

The Moe Show

2014 - 2017, As: Moe, Producer, Writer, Creator - Television


2013, As: Moe, Producer, Writer, Creator - Television

Bogan Family Films

2010, As: Darryl Bogan - Television


2010 - 2011, Writer, As: Rufus, Producer, Director, Creator - Television

Terry the Bi Bipolar Polar Bear

2008 - ongoing, Voices, Writer, Animation, Director - Television

Camp Fear

2007, Editor, Actor, Co-Director, Co-Writer - Short Film

Sparkle Friends

2006 - 2009, Director, Writer - Television

The Killian Curse

2006, Writer - Television

Freaky creator Thomas Robins’ second horror anthology for kids makes use of a sophisticated story structure. Years ago Room 21 at Killian High was cursed by its satanic school founder. A new principal dismisses warnings and opens the space, unleashing the curse onto new students. Each episode is split into three parts as three students battle demons. The number 21 plays an important role; the 21 students of Room 21 must overcome an eclectic range of demons or else the evil Killian claims their souls ‘forever’. A second season followed in 2008. 

A Fairly Good Tale

2005, Co-Writer, As: Giant - Short Film

Studio 2

2007 - 2010, Director, Writer - Television

Long-running kids series Studio 2 screened on weekdays after school on TV2, from 2004 to 2010. It included competitions, cartoons (eg SpongeBob SquarePants), games and interviews, and The Hub website — a pioneering example of transmedia, where presenters and kids could interact. Taking turns as co-presenter were Matt Gibb, Jordan Vandermade, Dayna Vawdrey, and Vicki Lin. Guests included SpongeBob actor Rodger Bumpass and Helen Clark. Produced by Taylormade Media, the show was renamed Studio 2 Live in 2010; a Saturday version screened in 2007.


2004 - 2006, Field Director - Television


2003 - 2005, Writer - Television

Aimed at children, anthology series Freaky showcased tales of horror and the fantastic. Each episode was generally broken up into three stories, from aliens controlling humans like rats in a maze, to a terrifying water slide that transports riders to a prehistoric world. The tweenage Twilight Zone tales spawned a cult following, plus a wiki page detailing each story. Freaky creator Thomas Robins would refine the three stories in one approach with his 2006 anthology series The Killian Curse. He also co-created pioneering web series Reservoir Hill.


2002, Director - Television

Live This

2002 - 2003, Director - Television

The Machine

2001 - 2002, Presenter, Writer, Creator - Television

The Party Animals

2001 - 2003, Actor - Television

Suzy's World

2002, Director, Writer - Television

After fronting TV3 children's programmes Early Bird Show, 3pm and You and Me, Suzy Cato started her own company, Treehut Productions, to make Suzy's World. A science show for five to nine year olds, it sought to explain everyday phenomena like how smoke alarms work, why birds sing and where salt comes from. With the accent very much on the practical, pantyhose played an important part in simulating the workings of the digestive system while a watermelon was hurt demonstrating inertia and the need for seatbelts. Over four years 263 episodes were made.


1999 - 2002, Writer, Presenter, Director - Television

What Now?

2006, Writer - Television

What Now? is a long-running entertainment show for primary school-aged children. Filmed before a live studio audience on weekend mornings, What Now? is a New Zealand TV institution; it was the first TV show to have live phone-ins. The series is known for its challenges that sometimes result in participants being 'gunged'. A roll-call of presenters includes Steve Parr, Danny Watson, Simon Barnett, Jason Gunn, Michelle A'Court, Tamati Coffey, Antonia Prebble, and more. 'Get out of your Lazy Bed' by Matt Bianco is the theme song memorable to generations of Kiwi kids.