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A Fairly Good Tale

Short Film (Full Length) – 2005

Gerard Johnstone holds a special place in the history of the 48Hours filmmaking contest  he was the very first winner back in 2003. Johnstone later found success in the screen industry, a trend the competition prides itself on. In 2005 Johnstone was a 48Hours winner again when he joined Luke Sharpe for this fantastically silly romp, reminiscent of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In 2008,the pair worked on TV comedy The Jacquie Brown Diaries, while Gerard Johnstone would direct horror-comedy Housebound. Johnstone plays the baddie, Glen-Paul Waru the hero, and Anna Hutchinson the damsel in distress. 

Character: Bodil de Resny. Character trait: Animal lover. Line of dialogue: "Please don't do that". Prop: banana
– Required elements for the 2005 48Hours film competition

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Jaxin Hall

Jaxin Hall

As: Peter, son of Peter

Profile image for Anna Hutchison

Anna Hutchison

As: Damsel

Generic Profile image for Glen-Paul Waru

Glen-Paul Waru

As: D'Artanian

Profile image for DJ Stipsen

DJ Stipsen


Profile image for Gerard Johnstone

Gerard Johnstone

Co-Director, Writer, Producer, As: Bodel De Resney (animal lover)

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Luke Sharpe

Co-Director, Writer, Producer

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Team Crash Zoom