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Jochen FitzHerbert


Jochen FitzHerbert's love lies in drama. After starting out as an assistant editor on a run of effects-heavy kidult shows, FitzHerbert has since won awards for his editing, including at the 2020 New Zealand Television Awards for detective drama The Gulf. In the same period, FitzHerbert worked on TV movie Ablaze, and took home an award from a Canadian web festival for Emmy-winning thriller INSiDE — which he edited within the confines of his home during Covid-19 lockdown. His CV also includes multiple episodes of Go Girls and Nothing Trivial. In 2022, he cut two episodes of epic fantasy series The Lord of the Rings - The Rings of Power.

The jump from assistant to editor is one of the trickiest things to manoeuvre. You forge a career as an assistant and work with a bunch of people around town, building a reputation only to have to turn on that and say that you are not that thing any more. Jochen FitzHerbert on making the shift from assistant editor to editor, DEGANZ website, 7 April 2022