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Jordan Watson

Presenter, Director

What began as a joke video for a friend about to have a baby ended up transforming Jordan Watson's life. In 2015 Watson filmed his infant daughter Alba in various comical poses for a short video called How To Hold a Baby, and uploaded it to his friend's Facebook page. Overnight the clip went viral. Watson ended up quitting his day job as a director on Jono and Ben to focus on the How To Dad series, becoming a comical parenting guru in the process. The videos have topped 200 million views on YouTube and Facebook. Watson started his television career in 2007, as a runner for Greenstone Pictures.

I think it’s bloody awesome that a dad can see me play Barbies in a video and then go and do it himself. Being a parent means we can be big kids for that little bit longer. Jordan Watson in North & South, June 2018