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How to Dad - Best of

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2015

When Jordan Watson made his first How to Dad video in 2015, the internet went wild. His short clip on "How to Hold a Baby", where he holds his infant daughter Alba in various poses (e.g. hide your beer belly, rugby ball hold), racked up 250,000 views in 10 hours. This How to Dad collection includes the five most popular videos in the series, covering tips like how to be a Kiwi dad (sprint in jandals, blow on pies), how to put a baby to sleep (bribe them) and how to get a baby to clean. The last video amassed over 16 million views on Facebook. Watson has released two How to Dad books. 

It was just me cutting together, in my eyes, crap — just me being an idiot and thinking that one guy at work's going to like it.
– Jordan Watson on his first How to Dad video, Stuff, 31 May 2016

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The Watson Project