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José Barbosa

Director, Reporter

Since graduating with a Masters Degree in English Language and Literature from Auckland University, José Barbosa has been a writer, reporter, and director. After five years reporting for media show Media7, he directed Prime TV's three-part documentary The Naughty Bits, which explored the history of Kiwi censorship. As a Senior Content Creator for The Spinoff, Barbosa directed 2018 webseries Get It to Te Papa, a quest to find curious Kiwi artefacts to add to the museum, presented episodes of The Spinoff TV, and directed and edited on Two Sketches with Toby Morris. Barbosa has gone on to produce segments for Three's The Project. 

So, that's kind of just one aspect of the stuff I do, which essentially is just put stupid stuff online and on TV and anywhere that anybody will let me do stupid stuff. José Barbosa during a talk at the National Digital Forum, 14 October 2015