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Josephine Davison


Josephine Davison was still a teenager when she got a role on new show Shortland Street. After three years as wacky cafeteria owner-turned-soap star Gina Rossi, she has gone on to play Cleopatra (in Xena) a dodgy Triad wife (in the early days of Outrageous Fortune), and a betrayed girlfriend (Topless Women Talk About Their Lives). In 1994 she co-starred opposite Marton Csokas in early digital feature Vulcan Lane.

It was a life-changing thing, especially for those of us who were only about 17 or 18 at the time — it was quite intense being in the public eye. But I loved the people I worked with and I have very fond memories of the character I played. She was a hoot. Josephine Davison on Shortland Street, in a 14 August 2011 NZ Herald interview