Kerry Fox won international acclaim direct from drama school, after playing writer Janet Frame in Jane Campion's adaptation of An Angel at my Table. The role won her awards in Spain and New Zealand. After appearing in The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior she departed Aotearoa for a busy international career, which has ranged from a lead role in Danny Boyle hit Shallow Grave to acclaimed WWI TV drama The Crimson Field. In 2001 she was named Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival for Intimacy. Her other Kiwi roles include the "alpha female" head of drama in The Rehearsal, WWll drama The Last Tattoo and Mr Pip.

Kerry Fox [...] is remarkably vivid and strong as the haunted adult Janet. New York Times writer Vincent Canby, reviewing An Angel at my Table, 4 October 1990

The Rehearsal

2016, As: Hannah - Film

Director Alison Maclean (Kitchen Sink, Jesus' Son) returned to New Zealand for this adaptation of Eleanor Catton's acclaimed debut novel. The psychological drama stars James Rolleston (The Dead Lands) as one of a group of acting students who use a real-life sex scandal involving a tennis coach, as creative fuel for their end of year show. The cast mixes experienced names (Kerry Fox and Miranda Harcourt as drama teachers) with emerging talents (Ella Edward). Connan Mockasin supplies the soundtrack. The Rehearsal debuted at the 2016 NZ International Film Festival.

The Dressmaker

2015, As: Beulah Harridiene - Film


2014, As: Jackie Warwick - Television

Patrick's Day

2014, As: Maura Fitzgerald - Film

The Crimson Field

2014, As: Sister Margaret Quayle - Television

War Book

2014, As: Maria - Film

Mr Pip

2013, As: Mrs Watts - Film

As a bitter civil war tears apart the lives of his students, an isolated English school teacher in Bougainville (House star Hugh Laurie) finds a unique way to create hope; 14-year-old Matilda (Xzannjah Matsi) is enthralled by his Charles Dickens-infused disaster survival lessons. The life during wartime tale was directed by Kiwi Andrew Adamson (Shrek), and adapted from the 2006 Booker Prize short-listed novel by Lloyd Jones. Adamson spent time in Papua New Guinea, as the teen son of missionary parents. Laurie and Matsi won best actor gongs at the 2013 Moa Awards.

Sex & Violence

2013, As: Brenda Shaw - Television


2011, As: Oriel Lamb - Television

Burning Man

2011, As: Sally - Film

Morning Echo

2010, As: Christine Moffatt - Short Film

Bright Star

2009, As: Mrs Brawne - Film

The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall

2008, As: Jocelyn Hurndall

Trial & Retribution: The Box

2008, As: Det. Moyra Lynch

The Ferryman

2007, As: Suze - Film

A group of young tourists charter a yacht and go cruising in the South Pacific. In a dense fog, they come across an old, sick Greek man on a sinking boat and rescue him. They have no idea of how evil he is and how brutal their night is to become. Thanks to the special weapon he is holding, this man has the power to inhabit other people's bodies. The Ferryman approaches - he's after the old Greek as the path to the afterlife is close and there is a payment to be made.  

The Book Show

2006, Subject - Television


2001, As: Claire - Film

The London Connection

1999, Subject - Television

This 1999 documentary see presenter Gary McCormick exploring the lives of New Zealand expats living in London. London Kiwis – including MTV Europe head Brent Hansen, Angel at My Table actor Kerry Fox, chef Peter Gordon, house-boaters Karyn Hay and Andrew Fagan, and drunk backpackers at The Church – reflect on their overseas experience and the meaning of home. Produced alongside a companion documentary on Kiwis in Ireland, London Connection was a further collaboration between McCormick, director Bruce Morrison and producer William Grieve (Heartland). 

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

1998, As: Sonjah Buloh - Film

The Wisdom of Crocodiles

1998, As: Maria Vaughan - Film

Midsomer Murders

1997 - ongoing, As: Betty DeQuetteville - Television

The Hanging Garden

1997, As: Rosemary

Welcome to Sarajevo

1997, As: Jane Carson - Film

The Affair

1995, As: Maggie Leyland

Shallow Grave

1995, As: Juliet Miller - Film

Country Life

1994, As: Sally Voysey - Film

The Last Tattoo

1994, As: Kelly Towne - Film

This 1994 ‘home front noir’ is set in World War II Wellington, where the plots — a murdered marine, exploited working girls and gonorrhea — spread amidst the invasion of US soldiers stationed at Paekakariki. Kerry Fox (An Angel at My Table) is a public health nurse who becomes romantically linked with the US investigating officer (Tony Goldwyn — Ghost, TV's Scandal) while pursuing the STDs and the truth. They’re supported by Oscar-winning US veterans Rod Steiger and Robert Loggia. John Reid (Middle Age Spread) directs, from a Keith Aberdein script.

Friends (South African feature film)

1993, As: Sophie Gordon - Film

Mr Wroe's Virgins

1993, As: Hannah

The Last Days of Chez Nous

1992, As: Vicki - Film

The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

1992, As: Andrea Joyce - Television

An Angel at My Table

1990, As: Janet Frame (adult) - Film

Directed by Jane Campion, An Angel at My Table is adapted from author Janet Frame's renowned three-part autobiography. It threads together a series of images and scenes to evoke Frame's dramatic life story. Originally made as a TV drama, the much-acclaimed dramatisation won cinema release in 35 countries; it established Campion as a global director, launched actor Kerry Fox, and introduced new audiences to the "mirror city" of Frame's writing. This excerpt follows Frame's life-saving escape from Seacliff Asylum, to first publishing success at Frank Sargeson’s bach.

Night of the Red Hunter - Telefeature

1989, As: Police Officer, As: Police Officer - Television

This sci-fi telefeature for kids follows the adventures of runaways Peter (Toby Laing) and Maggie (Toni Driscoll), who meet when Maggie’s attempt to get Picnic bars on a five finger discount go awry and "rich brat" Peter is on the lam on a 10-speed. After falling into a grave of golden light at a farm cemetery, they wake up in the house of the strange Piper family. Laing is now trumpeter for Fat Freddys Drop, and a young Kerry Fox appears briefly as a policewoman in the opening. Scripted by veteran Ken Catran, the telefeature was re-cut from a four-part series.