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Kezia Barnett


Nurse Me

2016, Director - Short Film

Rouge Amour

2011, Director - Short Film

Wise Men Say

2008, Director - Music video

Jet Black

2007, Director, Writer - Short Film


2006, Director - Music video

Love Story (Herringbone clothes)

2005, Director - Television

Getting Stronger

2004, Director - Music video

Boy Racer

2003, Director - Music video

Buck It Up

2003, Director - Music video

Sweet As Candy

2003, Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Production Designer, Costume Designer - Short Film

Paper Doll Girl

2000, Director, Subject - Short Film

The Painted Lady

2000, Production Designer - Short Film

Cyber Kicks

1999, Director, Writer, Producer - Short Film

Girl Talk

1998, Camera - Film

More Flatmates

1998, Camera - Television


1997, Lighting and makeup - Short Film