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Mairi Gunn


Mairi Gunn began working in the camera department in the mid 80s. Since then she has shot music videos (including Outer Space for The 3Ds), short films, and the feature-length Gravity & Grace (directed by Chris Kraus). Gunn shot and co-produced award-winning documentary Restoring the Mauri of Lake Omapere, looking at the history and future of a Northland lake.

When the army was rolling up the road I started crying and had to sniff back the tears and say, 'Come on, this is a job girl. Get out there and at it.' That's when I first saw Merata Mita on the back of a truck. She was elevated and I thought, 'That woman knows what she's doing.' Mairi Gunn, in 2000 book Framing Women, on her first contact with film: Bastion Point, 1978