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Hero image for Rubber Gloves or Green Fingers

Rubber Gloves or Green Fingers

Television (Full Length) – 1997

Finding a worm in your apple can't be that bad, can it? Agricultural chemicals, such as organophosphates and fungicide, may kill the bugs in our food, but they also harm us and affect the health of those who work in food manufacturing. Rubber Gloves or Green Fingers delves into the world of the horticulture industry, and in doing so exposes harsh realities that the public aren't necessarily aware of. Along with sobering accounts of health and environmental issues attributed to argrichemicals, director Julian McCarthy also looks at Kiwi farmers who are committed to creating a more sustainable practices for the future.

The production of nerve gasses for chemical warfare during World War II lead directly to the development of insecticides. The scientists discovered these chemicals — that were so good for killing humans — were also very good for killing insects. So, this lead to the development of organophosphate insecticides and organochlorines like DDT. The irony now was that we tend to forget that these chemicals are poisonous to humans.
– Author Merial Watts

Produced by

Small World Productions