Since graduating from South Seas Film and TV School in 2007, Marcus Palmer has expanded his skillset further via varied roles on a range of TV shows and promo videos. Palmer got his break in 2009, directing the first four seasons of careers show Get a Job. Alongside backroom roles on varied reality shows, he has also directed acclaimed documentaries on two legendary Kiwi bands: The Exponents and Dragon. 

Really rich and textured ... beautifully made. Reviewer Paul Casserly on Palmer-directed documentary The Dragon Story, Radio New Zealand National, 6 August 2015

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Grand Designs New Zealand

2015 - ongoing, Camera - Television

The Dragon Story

2015, Director - Television

Dragon have produced some of Australasian pop music's classic anthems ('April Sun in Cuba', 'Are You Old Enough'). This 2015 documentary charts 40 rock'n'roll years: chart success, drugs, fame, failure, family, survival. The first excerpt looks at the band facing early success and tragedy; the second covers the impact of the 1998 death of singer Marc Hunter, especially on his brother Todd. The doco screened in the Prime Rocks slot. "Made with care and quite a lot of love", praised NZ Herald’s Greg Dixon, "by turns, sad and uplifting, which is no mean feat."

The Exponents Story

2014, Director - Television

Drew Blood and the Fangbangers

2014, Director - Short Film

The Propellerhead Story

2014, Director - Short Film

Happy Home

2013, Director - Music video

A New Song

2012, Director, Writer, Producer, Editor - Short Film

Road Cops

2013, Field Director - Television

MasterChef New Zealand

2010 - ongoing, Story Producer - Television

New Zealand's Got Talent

2013, Field Director - Television

Based on the hugely successful Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell, this nationwide TV talent quest first screened on Prime for one season in 2008. It was revived by TV One in 2012 and 2013. The Prime hosts were Andrew Mulligan and radio DJ Jason Reeves, with judges Miriama Smith, Paul Ellis and Richard Driver. From 2012 the host was Tamaiti Coffey, with model/actor Rachel Hunter, Opshop frontman Jason Kerrison and UB40's Ali Campbell as judges. American choreographer Cris Judd replaced Campbell for the 2013 series. 

Just the Job

2007 - ongoing, Director - Television

Police Ten 7

2014 - ongoing, Director - Television

Taking its name from police code for "a unit has arrived at the job", Police Ten 7 is a long running TV2 show which adds elements of reality TV to the crime-fighting model pioneered by the BBC's Crimewatch (which ran on TVNZ from 1987 to 1995). Made in conjunction with the NZ Police, and fronted until 2014 by retired Detective Inspector Graham Bell, the series profiles wanted criminals, asks for public help to solve crimes, and features behind the scenes policing stories. It achieved international fame after the "blow on the pie" incident. Sergeant Rob Lemoto began presenting in September 2015.


2013, Field Director , Camera - Television