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Peter Grattan


Born near Liverpool in 1951, Peter Grattan arrived in New Zealand with his family in 1957. Though his earliest musical experience was learning the piano, it was the emergence of the Beatles and especially the influence of Ringo Starr that set off Peter's life-long obsession with drumming. Early schoolboy bands included The Clan, Marble Arch and Green and Yellow. Family connections led to a drumming job with renowned Kiwi guitarist Peter Posa.

At the beginning of the 70s Grattan had a day job too, as a stock controller for Pye RCA Records. But the chance to tour the Pacific with Posa saw him pick up his sticks and hit the road. 

In 1975 Grattan was faced with a choice: follow the route of serious musicians and go full time or, as he says, get a "proper job." An ad in the New Zealand Herald got 300 applicants, and Grattan was one of the lucky three to start work at TVNZ. 

Peter Grattan's experience in the music world made him an obvious candidate for the Entertainment Department. In 1976 he pitched an idea for a late-night show featuring video clips, many unsuitable for prime time viewing, and Radio With Pictures was born. Around this time he also produced kids after-school show Hey Hey It's Andy

After taking time off to tour with his band Jolly Roger, Grattan returned to TVNZ and spent a year in the Sports Department alongside Graham Thorne, and, in his role as racing director, Glyn Tucker and Phillip Leishman

But entertainment was Grattan's love and in 1982 he was given the task of creating a new pop show. Shazam! was born and was fronted by the young Phillip Schofield. Peter produced the show for four years and made videos for the likes of Dave Dobbyn and the Mockers. In 1984 he produced the Enz With a Bang specials chronicling what was then the last Split Enz tour.  

Grattan took a two year leave of absence from TVNZ in 1986 and travelled to the UK, where he worked for the BBC and Thames Television, producing shows including Star Search and Sale of the Century

Returning to New Zealand in 1989, Peter was appointed Head of Entertainment at TVNZ, overseeing 600 hours of TV across two channels with a $15 million annual budget. After three years he departed, spending time in the United States selling and playing drums, before again returning briefly to New Zealand.

Grattan then moved to Florida, working for multimedia company Comcast Cable as a producer and account executive, helping independents develop local programming. 

These days he lives between Florida and Northland, producing and performing music both solo, and with his partner, singer Robin Brown. While in New Zealand he plays alongside singer Larry Morris in his band Rebellion.


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