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Philip Hurring is an editor and post-production expert who has cut many documentaries and reality shows as well as dramas, music videos and commercials. His non-fiction work includes Royal NZ Ballet series The Secret Life of Dancers and two long-running shows presented by David Lomas: Missing Pieces, and Lost & Found. He has also edited sports, current affairs, and the high-rating Coast Australia. Hurring's background as a musician also feeds into his work melding images and sound together. His long editing career runs in tandem with his work as a health and fitness practitioner.

Making a documentary can indeed be likened to unraveling a human body that has lived and aged some decades: what will stand out is whether the story has been forced to fit a certain shape, or whether it has been allowed to grow its own wings and fly in its own way. Philip Hurring on the similarities between his two diverse professions