Within two years of acting in kidult TV adventure Sea Urchins, Kiwi Rebecca Gibney had set up shop in Australia. There she would find fame  — and a long list of awards and nominations — thanks to a television CV which includes Wanted (which she also created), Packed to the Rafters, The Flying Doctors, mini-series Come in Spinner, and 21 Halifax tele-movies as forensic psychiatrist Jane Halifax.

It doesn't matter who you are, I'll always give [everyone] a go — have a chat, get my photo taken — because I don't believe I'm any better or worse than anyone. Rebecca Gibney reflects on fame in an April 2011 Mindfood interview

Lowdown Dirty Criminals

2019, Actor - Film


2016 - ongoing, Creator, As: Lola Buckley, Executive Producer - Television

Winter (Australian miniseries)

2015, As: Detective Sergeant Eve Winter, Producer - Film

The Dressmaker

2015, As: Muriel Pratt - Film

The Killing Field

2014, As: Detective Sergeant Eve Winter, Producer - Television


2012, As: Shirley Moochmore - Film


2011, As: Mummy, Writer, Producer - Short Film

Wicked Love: The Maria Korp Story

2010, As: Maria Korp

The Map Reader

2009, As: Amelia, Executive Producer - Film

Who Do You Think You Are? (Australian version)

2014, Subject - Television

Packed to the Rafters

2008 - 2013, As: Julie Rafter - Television


2007, As: Lana - Film

Tripping Over

2006, As Lydia

Sensing Murder

2006 - 2010, 2017, Narrator - Television

Small Claims

2004, As: Chrissy Hindmarsh

Halifax f.p. - Takes Two

2002, As: Jane Halifax - Television

Halifax f.p. - The Scorpion’s Kiss

2002, As: Jane Halifax - Television

Ihaka: Blunt Instrument

2001, As: Kirsty Finn - Television

Finding Hope

2001, Associate Producer, As: Hope Fox

The Day of the Roses

2001, As Margaret Warby

Halifax f.p. - A Person of Interest

2000, As: Jane Halifax - Television

Halifax f.p. - A Hate Worse than Death

2000, As: Jane Halifax - Television

Halifax f.p. - The Spider and the Fly

2000, As: Jane Halifax - Television

Wella Fashion Report

1999, Presenter - Television

Coming Home

1999, Subject - Television

Coming Home chronicled Kiwi successes abroad, by profiling New Zealanders living and working overseas, then following them back to Aotearoa when they made a return visit. Each episode of the Touchdown Productions series was grouped roughly geographically, with two or three expat New Zealanders featured per episode. Among those reminiscing upon home and opportunity were businesswoman Mary Quin, motor racing legend Steve Millen, journalist Peter Arnett, model Kylie Bax, psychologist John Money, law lecturer Judith Mayhew and singer Patrick Power.


2002-2003, As: Ingrid Burton - Television

Kangaroo Palace

1997, As: Heather Randall, Executive Producer

Halifax f.p. - Afraid of the Dark

1997, As: Jane Halifax - Television

Halifax f.p. - Cradle and All

1996, As: Jane Halifax - Television

Halifax f.p. - Hard Corps

1995, As: Jane Halifax - Television

Halifax f.p. - Words without Music

1995, As: Jane Halifax - Television

Halifax f.p.

1994 - 2002, As: Jane Halifax - Television

Halifax f.p. - Acts of Betrayal

1994, As: Jane Halifax - Television

Halifax f.p. - The Feeding

1994, As: Jane Halifax - Television


1993, As: Lilian Anderson - Television

All Together Now

1991-1993, As: Tracy Lawson - Television

Come in Spinner

1990, As: Guinea Malone - Television


1990, As: Virginia Bond - Film

The Flying Doctors

1986-1989, As: Emma - Television

The Great Bookie Robbery

1986, As: Bonnie - Television

I Live with Me Dad

1985, As: Jill Harkness - Film

Inside Straight

1984, Actor - Television

Shot on location in Wellington, often after dark, Inside Straight helped usher in a new era of Kiwi TV dramas, far from the rural backblocks. This Minder-esque portrait of Wellington’s underworld was inspired by writer Keith Aberdein’s experiences as a taxi-driver and all night cafe worker. Phillip Gordon (soon to win fame as a conman in Came a Hot Friday) stars as the former fisherman, learning the ways of the city from veteran taxi driver Roy Billing. A solid but unspectacular rater over 10 episodes, the show was scuttled by the launch of trucker’s tale Roche.

Sea Urchins - Series Three, Episode Five

1983, As: Karen - Television

For the third series of this TVNZ kidult drama, the location moved from the Hauraki Gulf to the Marlborough Sounds, where there's also plenty of water for floatplane and speedboat thrills (and an explosion). Brothers Peter, Nik and Hape — the "sea urchins" — attempt to foil a thuggish gang of tuatara and kākāriki smugglers, led by cravat-wearing evil mastermind, Carl. The urchins are aided on the ground and in the air by a young Rebecca Gibney (the Packed to the Rafter's star's first major TV role), while future broadcaster and Wiggle Robert Rakete plays Nik.

Among the Cinders

1983, As: Sally - Film

Author Maurice Shadbolt went before the cameras to play father to the main character, in this adaptation of his acclaimed coming of age novel. Teen Nick (Paul O’Shea) is estranged from his family, and blaming himself for his Māori mate's climbing death. He runs away to his straight talking grandfather (Derek Hardwick) who takes him bush  and loses his virginity to Sally (a first film role for Rebecca Gibney). Produced by Pacific Films legend John O’Shea, the NZ-German co-production was directed by Rolf Hädrich (Stop Train 349). The film debuted in NZ on television. 

Pioneer Women

1983, Actor - Television

The award-winning Pioneer Women series was producer Pamela Meekings-Stewart’s response to her perception that histories on NZ television, like The Governor, hadn’t adequately recognised the role played by women in shaping the nation. The initial series of six episodes focussed on the lives of Nurse Maude, Ettie Rout, Hera Ngoungou, Princess Te Puea, Elizabeth Colsenso and Ellen Hewett; it celebrated women who not only had to face hardship and deprivation but were charged with raising the next generation. A second series of three episodes screened in 1990.