Ric Pellizzeri is an award-winning TV director and producer. He has worked extensively both in his native Australia and New Zealand, having partnered with company Screentime on Underbelly NZ and telefilms Siege, How to Murder Your Wife, The Monster of Mangatiti and Rainbow Warrior drama Bombshell. His Aussie credits include hit police drama Blue Heelers and directing the pilot episode of Home and Away.

Complexity and clarity don’t have to fight each other. As a producer or a director your job is to maintain the dynamism of a story without confusing the audience. Ric Pellizzeri

Straight Forward

2019, Director, Producer - Television

In a Flash

2018, Director, Producer - Television

Dear Murderer

2017, Director, Producer - Television


2016, Director, Producer - Television

Power Rangers Dino Charge

2016, Director - Television

The Monster of Mangatiti

2015, Director - Television


2014, Producer - Television

How to Murder Your Wife

2014, Director, Producer - Television


2012, Producer - Television

On 7 May 2009, police executing a search warrant in a Napier suburb were shot at by Jan Molenaar. Senior Constable Len Snee was killed, two officers and a neighbour injured; a 50 hour siege ensued. This adaptation of the events into a telefeature dominated the 2012 New Zealand Television Awards, winning Best One-off Drama, Script (John Banas), Performance (Mark Mitchinson as Molenaar), Supporting Actress (Miriama Smith), and Best Sound Design (Chris Burt). Hawke's Bay Today reviewer Roger Moroney said of the Mike Smith-directed drama: "They got it right".


2011, Producer - Television

Underbelly NZ - Land of the Long Green Cloud

2011, Director, Producer - Television


2002, Series Producer - Television

Blue Heelers

1994 - 1996, 1999 - 2001, Director, Executive Producer, Supervising Producer - Television

Paradise Beach

1993 - 1994, Director - Television

Late for School

1992, Director - Television


1990 - 1991, Director, Producer - Television

Grim Pickings

1989, Director - Television

Police Rescue

1991, Director - Television

Home and Away

1988 - 1989, Director


1986, 1994, 2002 - 2007, Director, Executive Producer - Television

Palace of Dreams

1985, Director - Television

Sweet and Sour

1984, Director - Television

A Country Practice

1986 1987, Director - Television