Shereen Maloney's screen work has ranged across drama, documentary, and personal films, in a variety of creative roles. Fascinated by stories of ordinary people, her early shorts Irene 59 and Doc were based around her parents. Later she wrote and directed mother/daughter tale Return Home for drama series About Face, and cross-cultural TV romance Mother Tongue. Maloney has also produced many documentaries. 

Women came up to me afterwards with tears in their eyes and thanked me for making it. Their husbands were annoyed and embarrassed that they spoke to me, and hustled them away. Shereen Maloney, on her short film Irene 59

Destination Disaster: The Sinking of the Mikhail Lermontov

2000, Producer - Television

This award-winning documentary is an account of the last days and sinking of Russian cruise liner Mikhail Lermontov. On 16 February, 1986, she ran aground on rocks in the Marlborough Sounds. Passengers were successfully evacuated, but a Russian crew member lost his life, and several were injured. Evidence is given by those who were there, with a particular emphasis on presenting the stories of the Russian crew, who were largely unavailable to the media at the time. A minute into clip nine, one young Russian agent bears a striking similarity to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Pet Vet

1999, Producer

Table Talk

1998, Producer - Television

Cover Story

1995 - 1996, Producer - Television

This series centred on a weekly TV current affairs programme in mid-90s Wellington. Katie Wolfe stars as stroppy journalist Amanda Robbins: lured back from Australia for her tabloid style in an effort to boost the show's ratings. Tackling timely storylines and shot ‘handheld’ in the NYPD Blue-inspired style, the TV3 series was well reviewed but faced its own ratings struggles (a later series screened on TV One). It was Gibson Group’s second foray into producing a TV drama series, after Shark in the Park. A pre-Lord of the Rings Fran Walsh was a series writer.

High Hopes

1994, Producer - Television

A Load of Rubbish

1994, Producer - Television

Kimi and the Watermelon

1994, Writer, Producer - Short Film

Life Sentence - The Crewe Murders

1994, Director - Television

True Life Stories

1993 - 1994, Director - Television

Mother Tongue

1992, Director - Short Film

The Summer the Queen Came

1992, Assistant Producer, Script Editor - Television

Miles (Joel Tobeck) is 16. His family are falling apart and he's got a crush on his cousin. An imminent royal visit offends his mother's political sensibilities and his father is spending time with a female neighbour. Christmas is coming and the twins have murder on their minds. Director Niki (Whale Rider) Caro's survey of the everyday eccentricities of family was nominated for best TV drama scipt and director at the 1994 NZ Film and TV Awards. The film was one of three half-hour dramas commissioned by TVNZ under the series title Another Country. Producer Owen Hughes writes about it here.

The Wall

1992, Assistant Producer - Short Film

Actor and casting legend Diana Rowan (who discovered both Anna Paquin and Keisha Castle-Hughes) turns her hand to writing and directing, with this darkly comic half-hour television drama based on an original story by Shonagh Koea. Veteran actor Helen Moulder (Fallout) gives a stand-out performance as a recently widowed woman, who arrives at a novel solution to well-meaning but hideous friends and family. The Wall is dedicated to director of photography Bayly Watson, who passed away soon after working on it.

Confetti Conspiracy

1991, Director - Short Film

Behind Closed Doors

1991, Director, Writer - Television

4 Frames - Woman Film-makers in Aotearoa

1990, Subject - Television

That's Fairly Interesting

1987 - 1989, Director - Television

This 80s relic was a homegrown take on US show That's Incredible!, with spectacular stunts and supernatural happenings replaced with subjects that were more kiwiana kitsch than wow! It was the first show from production company Communicado; presenters included Tim Shadbolt, Neil Roberts, Sue Kedgley, Phil Gifford and Phil Keoghan. In a Vanity Fair interview to illustrate Kiwi's "enormous understatement" Jane Campion famously quipped: "You know, they used to have a program on TV in New Zealand, That's Fairly Interesting. [...] In America, it's That's Incredible!"

About Face - Return Journey

1985, Writer, Director - Television

Alison (Mary Regan from Heart of the Stag) sets out from Auckland to visit her mother (Elizabeth McRae), who lives alone in the family house. The upcoming reunion triggers strong memories for mother and daughter alike. As an 18-year-old, Alison was angry when her mother felt obliged to support her father's wish that Alison not bother going to university. For creator Shereen Maloney, the film touches on the tensions arising when succeeding generations have differing choices available to them. An experimental short from the anthology series About Face.


1985, Director, Writer, Producer, Sound - Short Film

Irene 59

1981, Director, Writer, Editor, Camera, Producer - Short Film