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Simon Ogston did a decade working in television before switching to making his own documentaries. In 2011 he released two: Rumble & Bang, and Gone with the Weird — about 60s Kiwi bands Chants R&B, and Squirm. His foray into chronicling Kiwi musicians has continued, with documentaries on Bill Direen, the Skeptics, The Unknown Blues and Philip Dadson (the latter co-directed with Orlando Stewart). Outside of documentaries, Ogston directed comical short film Zen, about a man’s misadventures on a meditation retreat, and acted in another, Ross & Beth. He also makes corporate videos through his company Bellbird Productions.

..stylish, thorough and often moving ... an extraordinary doco which has extensive and often amusing interviews with the surviving members, admirers and fellow travellers, plus plenty of images and a swathe of unbelievable music. Veteran arts writer Graham Reid on Simon Ogston's documentary Skeptics - Sheen of Gold, Elsewhere website, 11 December 2020