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Rumble & Bang

Film (Full Length) – 2011

From 1964 to 1966 Chants R&B were a fixture of the Christchurch music scene, and local bar The Stage Door. The band’s near mythic status is highlighted in this hour-long documentary featuring band and audience members, plus their former peers. Musicians Ray Columbus and Midge Marsden rave about the group, while music experts Nick Bollinger and Tony Mitchell speculate as to why they were so compelling. Mixed in is archive 60s footage shot by Fred Goldring, capturing raucous scenes in the dank underground bar in central Christchurch. Rumble & Bang was directed by Simon Ogston (Skeptics - Sheen of Gold) and Jeff Smith. 

I think because they had a residency like that [at The Stage Door] ... because we were touring a lot, we had to tread the path reasonably carefully. We were always envious of the fact that they did some wild shit. Man it was good.
– Former Breakaways members Midge Marsden on Chants R&B