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Stephen Sinclair


Playwright and novelist Stephen Sinclair was part of the writing team behind Peter Jackson's bad taste duo Meet the Feebles and Braindead. Zombie tale Braindead, which began as a Sinclair idea, won a Best Script Award at the 1993 NZ Film and TV Awards. Later Sinclair wrote for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, created TV mockumentary Love Mussel, and in 2004 directed his first short film, Ride. His feature directing debut — the offbeat Russian Snark — was nominated for six Qantas film awards, including Best Director. Sinclair's work as a playwright includes co-writing global hit Ladies Night, with Anthony McCarten.

I think we were all driven by an adolescent desire to shock and appal. I very acutely felt the liberal censorship that was prevalent at the times so it was a great ... purge, shall we say? Stephen Sinclair on the writing of movie Meet the Feebles, Metro magazine, December 2001