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Director/playwright Stuart McKenzie won a best NZ short film award with 1991's The Mouth and the Truth, made with Neil Pardington. The duo followed it with Snap, which won selection to the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand festival in France. McKenzie made his feature debut in 2003 with drama For Good. The film was born from real-life interviews that McKenzie and his partner Miranda Harcourt did with prisoners and victim's families. McKenzie went on to direct fly-on-the-wall acting school series Tough Act. In 2017, he and Harcourt directed a movie adaptation of Margaret Mahy's coming of age novel The Changeover.

I really feel like this was a group effort ... a community effort. It came out of a community of people who had shared some of their experiences with us. Stuart McKenzie on For Good, in a Dominion Post interview with Bess Manson