A year after graduating from drama school Toi Whakaari, Taylor Hall won a major role on-screen. In high profile series Filthy Rich, he played Vader, who ends up pretending to be one of the heirs to a massive business fortune. Hall began acting while at high school in Hamilton. Alongside two seasons on Filthy Rich, he has acted on the 2019 season of Westside, played Julius Caesar in an episode of Roman Empire: Reign of Blood, and co-starred in short film A Woman's Right to Shoes. He showed his range as an outwardly friendly farmer in the Milk episode of horror series Ao-Terrror-Oa.

There’s a mystery to him that I found very interesting. He’s a friendly, charming guy but he holds his cards close to his chest. Taylor Hall on Garth 'Vader' Joster, the character he played in TV series Filthy Rich

Ao-Terror-Oa - Episodes

2017, As: Dale the farmer - Milk - Web

Web series Ao-Terror-Oa offers six short slices of Kiwi horror. Unleashed on both YouTube and a specially created website, the tales involve a possessed camper van, out of this world rugby abilities, virtual reality tourism, a fight for survival on vacation, and the memorable final two episodes — which feature an unusual farmer (Filthy Rich's Taylor Hall) and the worst kind of sun burn. Among the emerging screen talent are actors Brittany Clark (Australia's Doctor, Doctor), Tian Tan (Sui Generis) and Natasha Daniel. The stories are viewable in the order they were released each week.

A Woman's Right to Shoes

2017, As: Steven - Short Film


2016, As: Neil Fraser - Television

This 2016 miniseries dramatises the life of legendary Everest conquerer Edmund Hillary. Written by Hillary's friend Tom Scott (who also wrote Hillary documentary A View from the Top), the six-part drama covers Hillary's life from growing up poor with a disciplinarian father, to romance, Everest, Antarctic adventures, and tragedy and achievement in Nepal. It was directed by Danny Mulheron (The Kick). Hillary was nominated for six NZ Television Awards, including for Andrew Munro's portrayal of Sir Ed. Dean O'Gorman won Best Actor, as Hillary's friend and climbing companion George Lowe. 

Roman Empire - Reign of Blood

2016, As: Young Julius Caesar - Television

Filthy Rich

2016 - 2017, As: Garth 'Vader' Joster - Television

Auckward Love - Series Two

2016, As: Aaron - Web

A year on from moving in together, three friends and their surrogate flatmate drink and date their way around Auckland in this second series of Auckward Love. Flatmates Alice (Holly Shervey), Vicky (Lucinda Hare) and Grace (Jess Holly Bates), plus friend Zoe (Jess Sayer), face up to the harsh reality that life in your 20s can be full of tough lessons. Grace loses her sparkle when she finds herself in a polyamorous relationship, while Zoe has to compromise with her alcoholic father, played by John Leigh. Jennifer Ward-Lealand also features, as an enthusiastic sex toy shop worker. 


2019, As: Allen Markham - Television

TV3 series Outrageous Fortune had six memorable seasons. Award-winning prequel Westside takes the West family back to where it all began — to legendary safecracker Ted West (David de Lautour), and his fiery wife Rita (Antonia Prebble from Outrageous). Each episode of series one is set in a particular year of the 1970s. Season two moves to the 1981 Springbok Tour; the third, set in 1982, introduced a teen Cheryl West. Combining romance, crime and West family folklore with real life events, Westside was created by James Griffin and Rachel Lang, the duo behind the original.

800 Words

2016, As: Ryan - Television

Venus and Mars

2015, As: Brendan Crawford - Television

Every Moment

2015, As: Tim - Short Film

Every Moment sees a hypothetical date taken to the extreme as a young would-be couple plan the life they might lead together. Aaron McGregor (Choice Night) plays the young hotel worker trying to mend — and win over — the broken heart of his workmate (Bree Peters — the murderous Dr Pania Stevens on Shortland Street). Based on a section of Thomas Sainsbury's play Hotel and shot in a single night in a working hotel, Every Moment was awarded the top prize at Tropfest 2015, and was also voted viewers' favourite. Peters won for best actress.