Tim Batt is best known internationally for hit podcast The Worst Idea Of All Time, which he co-hosted with fellow comedian Guy Montgomery. The conceit: they review the same movie each week for a year. On-screen, the ex radio DJ fronted political chat show Banter on Duke, and co-hosted The Late Night Big Breakfast. Batt has been both a writer and guest on 7 Days, and co-created a number of 48 Hours Film Competition entries, including 2011 winner The Child Jumpers, and The Fucket List, which later became a web series. Off the success of Worst Idea, he started homegrown podcast network Little Empire Podcasts.

With podcasts, you're still just in your living room but your audience automatically is planet earth. Tim Batt on his favourite creative medium, in a 2019 interview for TV series Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy

The Fucket List

2018, Creator, Director - Web

The Male Gayz

2018, Presenter, Creator - Web


2017, Presenter, Writer - Television

No Experience Necessary

2017, Producer - Web

The Fucket List (short film)

2015, Director, Writer, Producer, Camera, Sound, Narrator - Short Film

Late Night Big Breakfast

2014 - 2016, Reporter - Television

Best Bits

2013 - 2015, Writer - Television

F*ck It

2013, Writer, As: Musical Tim - Short Film

Jono and Ben

2012 - 2018, Writer - Television

In 2012 television pranksters and funny boys Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce remixed the best elements of their popular shows Pulp Sport and The Jono Project, to concoct Jono and Ben at Ten. Three's satirical news and entertainment series ran for seven seasons. Comedians Guy Williams, Rose Matafeo and Laura Daniel also featured. The series began life on a Friday night at 10pm, before moving to a Thursday 7:30pm slot in 2015 (when the title was shortened to Jono and Ben). Despite a fan petition to 'uncancel', the last episode aired on 15 November 2018.

The Child Jumpers

2011, As: Ricky, Writer - Short Film

U Late

2011 - 2013, Subject - Television

7 Days

2016, 2019, Writer, Subject - Television

Since debuting in 2009, award-winning panel series 7 Days has introduced a range of Kiwi comedy talents to television audiences. Three's show takes an irreverent look at the past week in the news, with regular segments like “my kid could draw that” and “what’s the taxi driver talking about”. Jeremy Corbett hosts; the two teams of regular and guest comedians have included Paul Ego, Dai Henwood, Ben Hurley and Urzila Carlson. The show echoes the format of Britain's long-running Mock the Week. Corbett has described 7 Days as the comedy show he's always wanted to make.