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The Child Jumpers

Short Film (Full Length) – 2011

Friends that play together, stay together. In 2011 team Grand Cheval which included ex-Mt Maunganui College mates Tom Furniss, Tim Armstrong and Cam Neate triumphed at the 48Hours film contest with this mockumentary about four mates who get their kicks 'chumping' jumping over children, adults, prams and sometimes, entire families in broad daylight. Ricky (Tim Batt, from podcast The Worst Idea of All Time) "lives to chump" and passes the passion on to his friends and German backpacker Johan (Cam Neate). When one of the friend decides to up sticks to Australia, the gang face a new chapter.

Listen there's something I've got to explain to you, man. I don't chump to live...I live to chump.
– Ricky (Tim Batt) on his passion for 'chumping'

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Andrew Burfield

Andrew Burfield

Producer, Actor

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Tim Batt

Co-Director, Writer, As: Ricky Rollins

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Cam Neate

Co-Writer, Art Director , As: Johan

Generic Profile image for Tom Furniss

Tom Furniss

Co-Director, As: Child Jumper

Generic Profile image for David Boden

David Boden

As: Child Jumper

Generic Profile image for Katie Gray

Katie Gray

Producer, Actor

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Produced by

Grand Cheval


Grand Cheval