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Tony Hiles

Director, Producer

On the set of Flight of Fancy.

Kindly provided by Tony Hiles.

From left: Norman Elder, Tony Hiles, Dave Gibson.

Photographer: David Elmer. Kindly provided by The Dominion Post

The crew of One Man and the Sea. From Left to Right are: Ken Saville, Tony Hiles, Bridget Bourke, Don Duncan and Ian Paul.

© Tony Hiles

Late 1991, filming a scene from Braindead at Wellington Zoo: from left to right, camera operator Mark Olsen, actor (and sometime director) Tony Hiles, Peter Jackson, and the film's stars, Spaniard Diana Penalver and Tim Balme. 

Photographer: Tyrone Kallmoier. Kindly provided by The Dominion Post.

Director Tony Hiles, Actress Rena Owen and New Zealand Film Commission representative Richard Stewart at Cannes.

Kindly provided by Onfilm