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Tony Hiles

Director, Producer

Late 1991, filming a scene from Braindead at Wellington Zoo: from left to right, camera operator Mark Olsen, actor (and sometime director) Tony Hiles, Peter Jackson, and the film's stars, Spaniard Diana Penalver and Tim Balme. 

Photographer: Tyrone Kallmoier. Kindly provided by The Dominion Post.

From left: Norman Elder, Tony Hiles, Dave Gibson.

Photographer: David Elmer. Kindly provided by The Dominion Post

Director Tony Hiles, Actress Rena Owen and New Zealand Film Commission representative Richard Stewart at Cannes.

Kindly provided by Onfilm

The crew of One Man and the Sea. From Left to Right are: Ken Saville, Tony Hiles, Bridget Bourke, Don Duncan and Ian Paul.

© Tony Hiles

On the set of Flight of Fancy.

Kindly provided by Tony Hiles.