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Vicky Haughton

Actor, Performer

Vicky Haughton began her screen career as a dancer, and co-starred in variety show VJM. Since then she has been an actor and choreographer on both stage and screen. In 2001 Haughton co-starred in film Her Majesty, playing a kuia who befriends a young pākehā girl. Two years later she won an NZ film award for Whale Rider, playing wife to Rawire Paratene's character: the "strong, wise and very tolerant" Nanny Flowers.

I had to watch my movements to make sure they weren't too fast, or too slow. I didn't develop a stoop or a walk, but once the wig, the make-up and the costumes were on, it really developed from there. Vicky Haughton, on playing grandmother Nanny Flowers in Whale Rider