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Viva La Dirt League

Creative Collective

Rowan Bettjeman, Adam King and Alan Morrison are Viva La Dirt League, the wildly popular content creators known for their unique brand of gaming and "nerd culture" related comedy. Since starting the Viva La Dirt League YouTube channel in 2011, the Kiwis have grown an international fanbase of millions. Now a major enterprise, the core trio employ a team of Auckland filmmakers in the creation of their feel good videos. 

We're a bit like a three-headed hydra, or a uni-mind. We've been doing it for so long we're all in sync and have found an amazing way of working where we all do it all. Sometimes there are creative disagreements — but that's the beauty of having three people — you can always get a majority on a vote. Viva La Dirt League's Rowan Bettjeman, Adam King and Alan Morrison on their creative dynamic, 29 July 2022