Blair Strang


During six years playing an ambulance driver on Shortland Street, Blair Strang’s character Rangi Heremaia thought he was romancing his own sister, and spent periods lovelorn, paraplegic, on the run, and missing in action. Since then Strang has risen from the dead, to finish a law degree and run his own real-life Auckland law firm in Auckland. He has also found time to act on TV series Go Girls, Greg McGee thriller Doves of War (as an arrogant ex-soldier) and hit show Nothing Trivial — he did three seasons as quiz-mad “bloke’s bloke” Brian King.

Robert Bruce

Actor's Agent, Stuntman

Marriage brought Scottish-born Robert Bruce down under, where he wrestled on hit show On the Mat, and acted and did stunts for movies. The Robert Bruce Ugly Agency was born in 1978, representing both actors and stuntpeople. The agency's stable of actors would expand to include Cliff Curtis, Joel Tobeck and Temuera Morrison. Bruce died on 2nd March 2009, after a short illness.

Josephine Davison


Josephine Davison was still a teenager when she got a role on new show Shortland Street. After three years as wacky cafeteria owner-turned-soap star Gina Rossi, she has gone on to play Cleopatra (in Xena) a dodgy Triad wife (in the early days of Outrageous Fortune), and a betrayed girlfriend (Topless Women Talk About Their Lives). In 1994 she co-starred opposite Marton Csokas in early digital feature Vulcan Lane.

Josh Thomson

Actor, Director, Editor

Tongan-Kiwi comedian Josh Thomson won attention after starring in 48 Hour short films Only Son and Brown Peril. Along with acting (Hounds) and appearances on comedy show 7 Days, Thomson is also an editor and director. In 2017 he starred in movie Gary of the Pacific, as a hapless real estate agent turned Pacific Island chief. The same year, he joined Three's primetime news show The Project